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    PCP Air Rifles

    Bullpup BL12

    Vertical Magazine-Fed Semi Automatic NP12

    Vertical Magazine-Fed Semi Automatic NP12-SE

    Vertical Magazine-Fed Semi Automatic MX12

    Tubular-Fed Semi Automatic SA12

    Pump Action PA12

    Semi-Automatic O4

    Over & Under OU12

    Revolver Action RT410

    Side-by-Side SBS12

    Lever Action LAP12

    Single Barrel SB12

    Single Barrel SB410

    Özbay Arms

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    “Quality, Mastery, Trust”

    The manufacturing adventure of Özbay Arms started in 1962, when our grandfather manufactured the first shotgun in his humble workshop in Üzümlü. Our main goal is to carry the legacy we inherited from the first gunsmith of Üzümlü for generations with quality and trust. We manufacture every single shotgun with passion and dedication.

    • 5.000M2

      entegrated facility

    • More than 100

      expert in the field

    • Over 75

      impeccable product with craftmanship and highest technologhy.

    • Over 20

      countries of importers

    • All in One

      Facility for metal, wood, polymer injection and assembly process and production.