Who We Are

Our manufacturing facility has grown out of a passion&dedication to serve and sustain the defense industry. We are sure of what needs to be done to make a shotgun that is capable of hitting a home run and being the most tried-and-true companion in outdoor activities.


We are not just a run-off-the-mill manufacturer; but we embrace a team of competitors, shooters, and hunters which makes us know for sure what our community expects from a shotgun.


Our production channel has the capacity and capability to manufacture the following types of shotguns:


– Vertical Magazine-Fed Semi Automatic

– Bullpup

– Tubular Magazine-Fed Semi Automatic

– Pump-Action

– Over&Under

– Lever-Action

– Revolver-Action

— Single Break Action



When you order your shotguns, always remember the fact that what you order meets CIP&SAAMI standards; because, to be appealing to a community of shotgun enthusiasts from every corner of the globe calls for universal manufacturing criteria.


We are always open to welcome importers and clients from all around the world.